Sunday, October 30, 2005


autumn in Ann Arbor
big snowflakes
knee-deep snow
big, fragrant roses
climbing roses
herb gardens
snow-capped mountains
sunrise at the beach
the color gradiation of a cloudless sky at dusk, the first stars shining through the darker part of the palette
birds chirping at dawn
labrador retrievers
golden retrievers
roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire
hiking in England
the first week in the fall that the temperature doesn't hit 80 degrees even once, when I'm sure that fall is finally here
cool enough weather that I can leave windows open instead of running the air conditioner
Mt Rainier
autumn in the Pacific Northwest
catching sight of the Cascades or Olympics on a clear day after days or weeks of overcast skies


the scent of a newborn baby
the softness of a newborn's head when it is only hours old
the sweet sounds a nursing baby makes
sleepy milk faces
finally going into labor
the immediate relief and adrenalin rush of childbirth
finally holding the baby I've carried all those months
the way Mina's eyes and nose wrinkled up when she laughed
the way Mina kicked her feet in a dance of joy when she was excited
the perfect beauty of Mina
Layla's happy dance
watching Layla dance like Hamtaro
Layla holding my ear and sucking her fingers
Layla blowing kisses
watching Layla line up her horses
watching Layth line up his cars the same way
being Layth's favorite friend and best mama ever
the way babies grab my hair and curl around my head when I kiss their tummies
listening to my children sing
seeing how tall and handsome Justin has become
Justin in uniform
letting Justin drive me around (if I'm not too terrified to enjoy it)
watching any of my older children being sweet with any of my younger children
laughing with my children
the wonderful things my children say
hugs and kisses from my children
cuddles with my little ones
the anticipation of seeing my daughters again
the things Layth and Maya do that remind me so much of Mina and Layla
a positive pregnancy test
capturing the perfect photograph or video
the love my children have for their sleeping friends (Puppy, Lion, Bunny One, and Uh-Oh)
discovering which fingers (or pacifier) my new baby will settle on
listening to Layth read

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


thinking you have to wake up, then realizing it's ok to go back to sleep
sleeping when exhausted
fresh, clean sheets
meeting up with friends
new cars
chamber music
Renaissance festivals
ringing in the fall with Halloween
Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving leftovers
Christmas decorations
the peace that comes with sincere prayer
picking fresh fruit
perfect peaches
scones with real butter, strawberry preserves, and clotted cream
Lands of Light and Darkness
writing the perfect prose
inspired poetry
Seamus Egan's music
chick flicks
beautiful people
seeing a downward trend on the scales
cake (I know, those two don't go together)
ice cream
Disney World
the perfect kiss
roller coasters
moving in to a new home
ballroom dancing
professional dancers
American Idol
my soaps
going to the movies
watching favorite movies again
the anticipation of sequels to favorite movies
playing games
the perfect haircut
modern conveniences (toilets, running hot water, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, cell phones, computers, etc)
Rainier cherries
Newcastle's fruit and vegetable market
a carefree night out while someone else watches the children
the annual Mina and Layla Butterfly Festival at the Dallas Zoo
the perfect hot fudge sundae
Christmas music
carillon bells
jingle bells
genuine compliments
feeling loved


Nana's and Granddaddy's house in McLean (Virginia)
Grandmommy's and Granddaddy's lake house (Alabama)
the cabin on Lake Murray (Oklahoma)
the Lake District (England)
staying in nice hotels
being pampered at a spa
Ann Arbor, Michigan
London, England
San Francisco Bay
Mom's house in Folsom (California)
#2, 75 Victoria Crescent (England)
Chatsworth Road (England)
2813 South Hills Ave (Texas)
3415 Bryce Canyon (Texas)
coming home
Loch Lomond (Scotland)
Luss (Scotland)
Piman (Thai restaurant, Texas)
David Wong's (Chinese restaurant, England)
China Gate (Chinese restaurant, Michigan)
The Chop & Ale House at Champany Inn (steakhouse, Scotland)
Miki (Japanese restaurant, Michigan)
the gift shop at any Cracker Barrel
browsing in upper class department stores
driving through upper class neighborhoods
the smell of the theater
being on stage (well-prepared!)
Seattle, Washington
Mt Rainier
Palisade (seafood restaurant, Seattle)
Mina and Layla Butterfly Garden at the Dallas Zoo

Monday, October 03, 2005


the Brown family's sense of humor
Robbie (my stepfather) being sweet with any of my babies
Robbie donning cap and gown in order to visit baby Justin in the hospital
laughing with my mother
giving the perfect gift
going out to eat with my mom and Justin
the rare night out with K without the children and without arguing
Granny's apple fritters
Gramps chasing me around the house
sitting with Grandmommy and Baron at the lake house
eating Grape Nuts or carrot cake with Granddaddy Nick
Christmas with Nana and Granddaddy
skipping to the theater to see Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future while singing "Sabre Dance" with Granddaddy Brown
Nana making yummy things in the kitchen in McLean
watching K play with our children
K making me laugh even when I'm cranky
walks in the woods with my dad
the smell of Aunt Beth's lotion