Sunday, October 30, 2005


the scent of a newborn baby
the softness of a newborn's head when it is only hours old
the sweet sounds a nursing baby makes
sleepy milk faces
finally going into labor
the immediate relief and adrenalin rush of childbirth
finally holding the baby I've carried all those months
the way Mina's eyes and nose wrinkled up when she laughed
the way Mina kicked her feet in a dance of joy when she was excited
the perfect beauty of Mina
Layla's happy dance
watching Layla dance like Hamtaro
Layla holding my ear and sucking her fingers
Layla blowing kisses
watching Layla line up her horses
watching Layth line up his cars the same way
being Layth's favorite friend and best mama ever
the way babies grab my hair and curl around my head when I kiss their tummies
listening to my children sing
seeing how tall and handsome Justin has become
Justin in uniform
letting Justin drive me around (if I'm not too terrified to enjoy it)
watching any of my older children being sweet with any of my younger children
laughing with my children
the wonderful things my children say
hugs and kisses from my children
cuddles with my little ones
the anticipation of seeing my daughters again
the things Layth and Maya do that remind me so much of Mina and Layla
a positive pregnancy test
capturing the perfect photograph or video
the love my children have for their sleeping friends (Puppy, Lion, Bunny One, and Uh-Oh)
discovering which fingers (or pacifier) my new baby will settle on
listening to Layth read


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